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The Naturally Better Choice

Good Health & Good Living Begins with Bison

Sustainably farmed and humanely raised, choice cuts of premium-quality bison meat, available for wholesale purchase.

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Inside and Outside the Box Thinking

Turtle Valley’s meat delivery box is full of succulent cuts and tempting recipes that make cooking healthy meals easy, nutritious, and so delicious.

Choose Your Meat Box

Each box has been designed by award-winning Chef Chris Whittaker to provide the recipes and choice cuts of meat you want. And with several box options to choose from, you will enjoy a diverse range of delicious meals throughout the year.

Feel Good about Eating Well

Our bison are raised with the highest standards of animal care, and our progressive farming practices ensure we work symbiotically with the environment. All to provide buffalo meat packed with nutritional value and incomparable taste and tenderness.

Low Waste to No Waste

Not only do we employ farming standards that focus on zero waste and minimal impact, but we also make our boxes from environmentally-friendly packaging to ensure we produce less waste, not more. So you can feel good about that too.

Why Bison?

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Bison?

For value, taste, and nutrition, bison is the healthiest choice:

  • Bison meat is lower cholesterol than beef, turkey or chicken
  • Lower in fat, saturated fat, sodium and calories than beef, turkey, chicken or pork
  • Higher in iron than beef, turkey, chicken or pork.


(per 100 grams cooked lean meat)








2.42 8.09 9.66 2.00 12.35



28.44 29.46 29.03 29.55 21.62



143 201 212 158 206



82 86 86 86 63



3.42 2.99 1.10 0.60 0.34

Recipes & Foraging

Taste, Transparency & Traceability

Chris Whittaker is known and loved as a chef who combines his philosophy with creativity to create wildly delicious dishes at his restaurant, Forage. Chris believes that sustainable farming produces better quality food that is packed with nutrition and flavour.

Respect is his guiding principle. Respect for the land and the water systems, respect for the livestock, the farmers, and fishers, and respect for the consumer.

He advocates for transparency and traceability in food production to ensure integrity of practice, product and taste. Better quality meat just tastes better.

“As a chef who is familiar with cooking many different types of meat…I keep going back to bison when I want to show people the best foods in Canada. Turtle Valley Bison is the best bison we have used in our operations and customers return just for it.” –Chris Whittaker


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Mission Statement

Progressive farming from the ground up. Working with nature to maintain a healthy local ecosystem by combining scientific understanding with kind farming to provide healthy food from a healthy planet.

Start the New Year the Right Way

Available for wholesale purchase.