Good Health & Good Living Begins with Bison

Sustainably farmed and humanely raised, choice cuts of premium-quality bison meat, available for wholesale purchase.

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Turtle Valley Bison ranch follows progressive and sustainable farming practices to provide hormone and antibiotic free, premium quality, grass fed buffalo meat. Our bison are raised with the highest standards of animal care, and our progressive farming practices ensure we work symbiotically with the environment. All to provide buffalo meat packed with nutritional value and incomparable taste and tenderness. We employ farming standards that focus on zero waste and minimal impact. So you can feel good about that too.

Dirt on Us

Learn more about this cowboy philosophy and find out why choosing sustainably farmed buffalo meat is better for your health and better for the planet.

Why Bison?

Find out about the nutritional benefits of sustainably-farmed, grass fed buffalo meat & why buffalo meat is better for you than beef, chicken, or pork.

The Ranch

Enjoy a unique dining experience as gourmet chefs create delicious dinners in a stunning location with BC’s finest local produce and premium buffalo meat.

Mission Statement

Progressive farming from the ground up. Working with nature to maintain a healthy local ecosystem by combining scientific understanding with kind farming to provide healthy food from a healthy planet.

Our Vision

Bison are just the beginning of our vision for sustainable and progressive agriculture. Our vision is to encourage a holistic system of farming and animal husbandry that works symbiotically with nature. Our role is to enhance nature with humankind’s knowledge, skill, and care. Our goal is to produce food just as nature intended.

Bison Is the Best Choice.

Better Value, Better Nutrition, Better Taste.

Available for wholesale purchase.

Call 1.587.888.2433