About The Ranch

Welcome to Cowboy Country

Where the air is still clean, the rivers run fresh, and the rest of the world lies behind miles of hills, forest and mountains.

Getting here is easy, just turn off the Trans-Canada Highway and onto Turtle Valley Road. Follow the winding road down into the valley where you will be welcomed with stunning valley views and miles of trails to explore.

The ranch is surrounded by sloping hills that stretch into BC’s wild country where bears, coyote, and cougar are our neighbors. In the valley, the bison roam freely through the meadows and grasslands and down by the lake alongside the swans, turtles, fish, birds and bees. We all share this space, and we all play an integral role in keeping this ecosystem balanced.

Turtle Valley Ranch has been in the same family for generations, and it is our respect for the land and environmentally friendly farming practices that helps maintains a healthy ecosystem for all the creatures that share this valley, including the ranchers.

We understand the connection that runs through this ecosystem that feeds the food chain. And as ranchers on this land, it’s our job to keep it healthy by using sustainable farming practices guided by the value of respect.

This is a model of what the future of sustainable farming could be. Working harmoniously with nature to produce premium quality food.

Chris Whittaker & Foraging

Chris Whittaker is an integral part of Turtle Valley Bison Ranch. Chris’ vision and values of sustainable farming and his use of local wild produce has fueled a culinary revolution in farm-to-table and nose-to-tail dining. Chris’ knowledge foraging introduces a wild array of new foods and flavours to his cooking and has inspired an exciting menu of forgotten delicacies  – all sustainably farmed or foraged.

Ranch Fest & Dinner Series

Enjoy a unique culinary adventure with Chris Whittaker as he takes you on a foraging expedition that ends with a delicious meal, great company, and an unforgettable experience. The Ranch Fest and Dinner Series are for all meat loving, beer drinking, and wine fanatic foodies who want to tantalize their taste buds and explore the best of local produce. This series was designed to celebrate the best BC has to offer, including the landscape. Guests can explore the trails, lounge by the fire, or take a stroll around the lake. But mostly, enjoy good food in the company of good people.

Ranch Fest

We invite you to enjoy a true ranch experience, explore the trails, learn more about the majestic bison and share an unforgettable feast of the local artisanal foods.

Guest chefs will cook up gourmet burgers, ribs and cuts of bison cooked fresh in the field, and mouthwatering meals using locally foraged ingredients. Our favorite local breweries and wineries will be here keeping the glasses filled and smiles wide. And live music will play all night long to encourage foot stomping and dancing under the stars.

Come join us. This is what life’s all about. Good food, good people, and good times.

Dinner Series

The dinner series was designed with both foodies and greenies in mind. Gourmet dining can be both delectable and sustainable, as renowned Chef, Chris Whittaker has proven.

Chef Chris is a passionate advocate for sustainable local produce that provides premium quality and taste. His restaurants, Forage & Timber in Vancouver celebrates the best of BC’s local food producers including wineries, breweries, cheeseries, farmers and ranchers.

Chris is just one of BC’s best chefs who will be invited to share their skills show their talents to guests at the delightful and delectable dinner series.

This is the perfect way to spend midsummer’s evening, enjoy a culinary feast and experience cowboy life in style.

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