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Lifestyle & Philosophy

We come from a background of cowboys, ranchers, and farmers. We live on this land where we work it, care for it, and in turn it provides us with what we need.

We are the stewards of this land, and our goal is to develop a sustainable farming system with a stable bison population. We want to make sure the bison will always roam this valley, and future generations will always feed their families with good clean food and healthy living.

Soil, Carbon Cowboys & The Future of Farming

Every good cowboy worth his salt knows you have to put your herd first. That’s your job. And a healthy herd begins with the soil.

That’s why we don’t use pesticides or fertilizers to accelerate the growth of grazing land. It’s why we use the holistic practice of rotational grazing to ensure that our soils and pastures recover properly and naturally. And it’s why we herd bison.

The bison have evolved to survive in this ecosystem. They have a stronger immune system which helps keep them free of disease. The shape of their hooves are designed to aerate the soil, and best of all, they taste darn good.

Carbon is important for all life on Earth. And the carbon cycle is a series of processes where carbon compounds are continuously reused within the environment. But changes in weather patterns and changing landscapes disrupts the process of carbon absorption back into the soil. The natural grazing habits of our bison help place carbon back into the earth, which helps keep the soil fertile and ready for growth.

Our Vision

Bison are just the beginning of our vision for sustainable and progressive agriculture. Our vision is to encourage a holistic system of farming and animal husbandry that works symbiotically with nature. Our role is to enhance nature with humankind’s knowledge, skill, and care. Our goal is to produce food just as nature intended.

Bison Is the Best Choice.

Better Value, Better Nutrition, Better Taste.
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