Chris Whittaker is passionate about no-waste, nose-to-tail and farm-to-table eating. But don’t be fooled, that practical philosophy belies the exciting and mouth wateringly delicious dishes that Chris creates.

Chris is known for his uniquely creative dishes that integrate local premium produce and wild ingredients. He attributes his extensive knowledge and understanding of edible wild produce to his mother and grandmother who taught him the value of local foraging to discover a diverse range of exciting flavours.

Chris combines his knowledge of hunting and sourcing wild food with a creative edge and a holistic philosophy to produce a whole new level of delicious in conscious cuisine.

His restaurant, Forage, uses the most sustainable local produce and has won awards for its eco-policies which include zero waste, eco energy programs. His culinary skills delight diners as they embark on a truly original epicurean adventure.

And best of all, Chris’s passionate advocacy for sustainable, healthy produce ensures that you can eat guilt free, knowing that you are supporting local farmers and food producers who are committed to providing a premium product.

“Seeing and becoming aware of how broken that end of our food culture was, made me say, ‘We’re in the middle of the best growing areas, and the best fishing, so why not embrace everything from here?”

This simple philosophy ensures that the source of all produce is transparent and traceable to let the consumer know what they are eating and where it comes from.

Forage is committed to that philosophy, and the recipes that Chris shares lets everyone enjoy the best local produce from the comfort of home.


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Bison Tourtiere with Green Tomato Ketchup

  Chef Whittaker has another bison recipe that is sure to combat the cold. Specially created to warm you up from the inside and leave you ready to tuck-in for a long winters nap. Who could possibly resist a homemade Bison Tourtiere??   Ingredients for Green...

Ribeye Roast with Yorkshire Pudding & Gravy

A classic family dinner dish by Chef Whittaker.   Ingredients for the Yorkshire pudding: 1 cup flour 1/2 tsp. salt 1 cup milk (2%) 2 eggs (whisked) 2 tbsp melted butter   Directions for the Yorkshire pudding: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix flour and salt...

Bison Stew Recipe

Nothing beats a home cooked meal. Especially if it’s a scrumptious Bison Stew recipe. As we start looking for dishes that warm our tummies and stick to our ribs at the ranch, there’s something comforting about sitting down to a nice warm bowl of stew while the days...

Vietnamese Carpaccio

Vibrant colours. Delicate taste. Here’s another crowd pleasing bison recipe from Chef Whittaker! Vietnamese Carpaccio with Bison Tenderloin.   If you haven’t made Carpaccio before this is a very simple way to get hooked. Note – this simple meal idea can...

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